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Keratan rentas kek
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Keratan rentas kek

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Tuesday, 3-Apr-2007 13:21
Kek Marble Coklat

I have this wonderful book about Chocolate by Patricia Lousada. I will definitely try more of her cake recipes in the near future...especially the Dessert Choc Cake part! :P

Kek Marble Coklat

250 gm butter
220 gm gula caster

4 eggs
vanila essence
2 tb milk

[C] (sifted together)
125 gm tpg gandum (saya pakai cap cempaka)
125 gm tpg jagung
1 tsp double-acting bp

2 tbsp cocoa + 1 tbsp hot water
90 gm choc, melted


[list]Cream [A] together till fluffy. Do not use HIGH speed...kalau mixer yg ada sampai 8 speed tu pakai no 3 aje. Keruk le dlm 2-3 kali...
Mix [B] together with fork. Pour gradually in quarters into [A]
Mix [C] into mixture in three batches
Pour half the mixture into a greased and floured tubular cake pan
Mix [D] into the remaining half
Pour cocoa mixture unto plain mixture
Swirl with spoon for a little marbling effect
Bake 170 degrees centigrade for about 45 min

MAMAFAMI...hi mama!!! welcome to my fp! been a very, very regular visitor to your most wonderful fp for a long long time...Love your stories about your children Syahmi and Fatin...Syahmi will be back soon Mama!! Cheer Up :-D
NINI...akak ada googlechat? senang sikit...akak nak buat apa kat fotopages tu...kalau saya tau insyaallah saya tulun guide...sifu sebenanya si Fatimah Julia Romeli tu...hehehe

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